Makar Sankranti Festival is the one of the most auspicious Festival for Hindu peoples of India. Makar Sankranti Festival is celebrated on the day of 14th January every year. Makar Sankranti Festival comes after the malmass. Makar Sankranti Festival is the biggest religious and ritual day for the Indian people because, It is said that Makar Sankranti Festival is a biggest day for donation. It is said that during mid January, the sun enters in the makar rashi so this day called as makar sankranti festival.

on the day of makar sankranti festival ladies prepare sweets and specialty til papadi and laddoo. this day people donate til, clothes, money and corn to some poor people. makar sankranti is celebrated all over the India with joy and happiness.

In early morning the people takes dip in the water of holy river like ganga and yamuna etc. and they Worship the rising Sun by offering flower and water with both hands. they pray with folded hands by singing the famous gayatri mantra. Many people goes to holy places as like Haridwar and kashi etc. for the welfare. makar sankrinti is a day for which Bhishma Pitamah kept waiting to leave his mortal coil. Makar Sankranti is biggest religious festival for Hindu peoples.

The Teej festival is a very well known and popular festival which can be celebrated across all over the India specially in Rajasthan, Uttar pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra. people celebrate the Teej with a grate joy and happiness in India.

On the occasion of Teej festival women cleans their home and then prepare it for special pooja. some of women also make rangoli at home and temples. the home or temple can be decorated with beautiful flowers and colours. women make sweet dish and delicious food at home for their family members and they offered it to goddess parvati, lord shiva on this day. then at evening time all of family members get together make fun.

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