The Elephant Festival is an inimitable event held annually in Kerala of INDIA.
this elephant festival held in a big place. more then fifty elephants are participate in ritual procession on the tenth day of the festival (February- March). the parade of elephant is also an important part of this festival of kerala.

In elephant festival of kerala elephants decorated with bright colors on trunks, for head, back and jewels. The elephants move with poise in parade, run races and finally participate in the colorful procession. People enjoy with music, folk dance and full entertainment in the procession of elephant at kerala.

In the night local people organised cultural night functions, music, women sing songs with folk dance. The second day of the festival is for sightseeing in Cochin. Tourist and Visitors can relax on the backwaters. In the afternoon there is excitement of snake – boat race. It is very famous boat race competition of kerala.

Kaziranga is the famous national park situated in Assam. Every year people and tourists celebrated elephant festival here. Hundreds of tourists and visitors comes to see this elephant festival of Kaziranga. It is the festival which can be celebrated generally one month of January but main three days of month are mostly celebrated. the elephant festivals are being organised in Kaziranga from the last four years.

Elephants are revered in India, and the half-man half-elephant god Ganesh is an important figure in the Hindu religion. The elephant festival is being organised to create awareness among the people about the habits of the animal so that they can live together with peace and understand each other. During this festival people organised procession by about fifty odd elephant. The procession goes through the highway with music beats, drums, cymbals and other instruments.

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