The Bandi Festival is a very well known and popular festival which can be celebrated across in India specially in Punjab. This festival come in the month of october-November. This very important festival of Sikh community. It is said that the One Famous Sikh guru reached Amritsar on the day of deepavali so this is become more important for the Sikh community peoples.

On this day people clean their house and decorate with flower and lights. On this day people celebrate with dance (Bhangara) and all the people look like a very happy on this day. People goes to the temple of their golden temple guru gobind Singh and pray for them and their family. In the evening people play with fire-works and crackers.

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Dussehra or Dasara Festival is a very popular Hindu festival and it takes an important place in culture of India. dasara is a festival of joy, lights, music, songs, ramlila and happiness. The Dussehra festival shows the victory of good over evil.

Dussehra or Dasara Festival is very famous and popularly celebrated in approx every city of India. specially south Indian states, m.p. and rajasthan are the main places of big dasara celebration. the kota dussehra festival celebration is a very important festival of Rajasthan. ramlila, cultural programmes, ram, sita and hanumaan bhajans, songs are the important part of dussehra programme.

Attractive and colorful huge effigies of ravana, kumbhkarna and megnad are made by people and at big Mela ground these are set to fire. so there is an important place of Dussehra or Dasara Festival in every one’s life.

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