Making of Rangoli design is a favorite hobby of Indian ladies, so they can prove that they are the best rangoli maker. Rangoli is an ancient hindu religious floor art. rangoli is popularly known as Kolam in South India, Mandana in Rajasthan, Chowk purana in North India and Aripana in Bihar. Designs of Rangoli are made with flowers, color and many things which are available in any home. women and girls make swastika, aum, circles, triangles and stars etc. with continuous dotted lines.

Ladies are always in search of famous rangoli designs and coloured rangoli patterns. they used to search rangoli design in books and newspapers. Rangoli are made during any festival like pongal, diwali, holi, sankranthi or any marriage times. Women used to make flowers, peacock, big dark borders, small dots and stitch to make there rangoli more beautiful and attractive.

Rangoli Kolam Colours and Designs from South India:-

Rangoli is known as kolam in south india. women of southern India always make colourfull rangolies on different speacial occations in there rutine life. makeing and designing of rangoli on pongal festival is a very popular thing. pongal rangoli kolam designs are so famous In (more…)

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