Ramnavami is a festival of peace and prosperity In India. Ram Navami is a Hindu festival which is also known as birthday of Lord Ram. ramnavami festival is celebrated on ninth day of the waxing moon in Chiatra Maas or month.

Rathyatra, processions and special pooja at diffrent ram and hanumaan temples are the major attraction of this hindu festival. People sing devotional songs and bhajans in memories of lord ram, luxman and hanuman. lord Ram is also known as rama, ragupati and raghunatha etc. everywhere temples of ram and hanuman are full of crowd this day.

There are some holy Rituals for ramnavami festival and many many people of hindu community also follows them. People come to sacred sarayu river for a holy dip. many religious people observe a fast also on this day of ram navami festival. housewives and girls make special delicious food at home for family and then they take it with much enjoy. ram navami or ramnavami festival is a very famous hindu festival and it is celebrated across all over the India.

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Gangaur festival is a most popular festival, it is so famous specially in Jaipur and udaipur of rajasthan. gangaur is religious festival and it is made for women. everywhere in rajasthan India women place idols of lord iswar and parvati at there home. women and girls do prepare them and then they perform pooja, aarti and other activities to lord and great goddess parvati.

Gangaur is a festival and it can be celebrated for some days at different places, in udaipur it is celebrated for three days and these days are called as hari gangaur, chundari gangore, and gulabi gangaur.

Wooden Gangaur Idol are made and then women took them at main place of city where pooja, goomar and other activities are performed to the idol of gangaur. ladies and girls make delicious food at home and then they serve it to family. all have fun of dance and singing religious songs during gangaur festival in rajasthan. there is a place at udaipur which is known as Gangaur Ghat it is made on the bank of a famous lake of udaipaur. the gangaur sawari or procession is also a main and attractive part of gangaur festivals at udiapur and jaipur of rajasthan.

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