India is a land of a festival. There are many festivals of the Hindus. But Indian like the diwali or Deepavali festivals one of most popular festival. Deepawali means roas of lamp. It is comes in the month of october or november. Deepavali is festival of light. It is one of the biggest festival of the Hindus. It is said that shri Ram return to his kingdom Ayodhya after completing his 14-year exile with their laxman and sita.

It shows the victory of ‘good over evil’. It is victory of ‘light over darkness’. Deepavali is festival of excitement and joy. Diwali is one the most celebrated festival in India. Sweets shop and utensil shops are specialy decorated. People make purchases earthen-lamps, fire -works and crackers. Ladies prepare special food and sweets. people clean their houses and shops
and decorated on this day. There is a heavy rush in the market. Business man open new account.

In the evening, they light earthen-lamps and candles there is light everywhere. Men, women and children all put on fine dresses. Children’s play with fire works and crackers, they enjoy them very much.

At the night all the members of the family worship lakshmi – The goddess of wealth. They pray for health and wealth. They go to market to see light. Loving mothers affectionate brothers and sisters and beloved wives all looks very happy. The young, the old and the children every one is very happy. It is a festival of joy and happiness.

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This Bandi festival come in the month of october-November. This festival of bandi is celebrate every year by Sikh community. This festival specially celebrate in Punjab. The Punjabi people community also known deepavali festival as bandi festival. It is said that the On famous sikh guru reached Amritsar on the day of deepavali so this is become more important for the Sikh community peoples. This festival is celebrate in Amritsar also with great joy.

On the occasion of Bandi festival women cleans their home and then prepare for special pooja. some of women also make rangoli at home and temples. the home or temple can Be decorated with many flowers and lights. women make sweet dish and delicious food at home for their family members. then at evening time all of family members get together and take food.

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