Holi Festival is again here and it is the festival of colour and enjoyment. there are so many Hindi and regional films having holi song sequence. some of the holi geet, holi songs, phagwah and poems are so famous even today. holi phagwah is like local songs which are made to be sung on this day of holi festival. many famous Indian poets have also wrote interesting and meaningful poems on holi.

Some music artists of film industry also made music and video albums on the theme of holi festival of India. at lord Krishna’s temples, every year phagwah can be sung by the devotees.

they sung various phagwa songs and enjoy them self. some peoples used to play local musical instruments like chang, dholak, mangira and dhapli during this songs.

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Holi is a very important and colourful festival of India. holi is a very beautiful festival and it is the popularly known as festival of colors. the very next day of holi is called as “dhulandi” or “dhureli” . on this day people plays with different dry and wet colours. they used to rub colour on each other’s face.

Many people get together at a big water pool and they mix the colour in the water of the pool. then they plays with that colourful water and drop other people in to this colourful water pool or a tank. this is the way of joy for the people on the day of holi.

People wish each other, some of them used to give or take greeting cards, colourful flowers, gifts or this type of things. those who are not near they send gift, greeting cards from courier and call each other and send colour full e cards. people celebrate this colourful festival with a big prosperity and joy.

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