Raviwar Vrat Dedicated To Lord Sun:

Sun is known as center of universe. It is important and main planet of the universe. In field of astrology planet sun has important space. Sun is the symbol of wisdom and divine light. Due to this planet all kind of natural activities are happened time by time. So the life of human being over this earth is much more dependent on Sun. Sun is known as god Suryadev in Hindu religion. Rider of seven horses is unique personality of Suryadev.

Sun or Suryadev is giver of wisdom and light (power like electricity). He is also responsible for lighting up whole the universe. He is also known as father of great worrier of Mahabharata “Karna”.

Suryanamaskar is one of the important exercises performed to worship god Suryadev or sun and getting power of his light at sunrise. Red flowers are served to God and red clothes are wearied by fasted devotees on Sunday or Raviwar.

Fast is kept from Sunday morning to next day morning. Pooja and worship is performed within mantras by devotees. Some of mantras are as follows-

  • Om suryaye Namaha
  • Om bhaskaraya Namaha

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God Shani or Shanidev is one of the nine planets of universe. He is the son of Suryadev and Chhaya. He is the god who punished or reward people according to their work. He is also known as brother of Yama (god of death).

His crucial sight creates much more problem in life who makes him annoyed. People have to suffer for 2 ½ year or multiplication of it on which crucial sight of Shanidev is felled.

on Saturday special pooja and worship is arranged by devotees to make happy lord shani dev. People also keeps fast and perform grand level aarti to worship god Shani Dev at various shani maharaja temples. Many of people also give donation of black clothes, oil, grains and food etc. to poor people.

Shanidev Aarti Video :

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