Diwali is the most magical and glamorous festival apart from the all around the earth. On the festival of diwali people join the party with very enthusiastically. This is the celebration of victory of righteousness over the spiritual evil. The festival of diwali comes after 20 days of dasshera festival. Amavashya is the night of darkness is the night of deepawali.

Diwali is the time of joy and revelry. It is the time to create a new fantasy. The celebration of the festival run for five days and the third day of the festival is the most important day of the festival on this day evil loses by the goodness. This is the time of pooja and traditions.

Date of Diwali In Year 2023: 12th November 2023 Sunday

Celebration of Diwali Festival In Year 2023 :

On the ceremony days of the festival people being very expensive, according to them this is the right time to buy a new thing for their personal use. But in the year of 2023 they may be very expensive or not we can just imagine as a picture in our mind. What will be the actual picture we can just imagine as follows?

Feelings on the night:
The actual soul of the festival is the feelings of the people according to the festival rituals. So in futures we have to try for maintain the actual base of the festival it is the festival of love and joy.

High Technology:
In the future night of diwali of 2023 it is sure that the technology will be on the very high skill than the technology available today, so may be the use of high technology will be harmful for use. We have to just try to use of the high technology in fever of human beings such as to remove air and noise pollution.

Safety on The Festival :
At the diwali night of the year of 2023, we have to work for the better safety on the accident of the night. We have to just try for the new safety tools or should remove harmful firecracker

In future how will be diwali, this is the imagination but we can make it very rightful preparing today.

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The festival of diwali is the very sweetest and much known festival of India. The ceremony of the night is celebrated by the Hindus and others for the destruction of darkness and evil forces. This festival comes normally in the session of aswina/kartika of the Hindu calendar.

This is also a representation of beginning of the new year of Hindu calendar. The festival symbolizing the honor of the Lord Rama to return back to the Ayodhya after won the purpose of his life.

Diwali In Year 2019 : 27th October

Diwali is the festival will be celebrate by the Indian religious in the future whenever the sun will be bright in the sky or the human being will be stand on the earth. The festival of light is the most wonderful occasion on the earth because it organized by the all Hindus, Sikhs and Janis, the population of these communities on the earth may be at least 110 carors according to an estimation and survey. This shows the importance of the celebration in the world.

How will be celebrating the festival by our community? It is a mark on our mind, every person can imagine the day of October 27, 2019 the day of the festival of Diwali as his thinking power and capacity of imagination.

On this day they may be compare the festival from today such as we are comparing it from our past days. But we can say (more…)

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