Indian classical music is known throughout the world for its stirring ragas and smooth notes. Tansen Music Festival one of such music

Tansen Sangeet Samaroh

Tansen Sangeet Samaroh

festivals, which showcases the musical splendor of India. This festival is held every year in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Gwalior is considered to be the oldest gharana in Indian classical music. Gwalior has been able to preserve its musical tradition and is pretty popular among the local community.

Tansen is known as the ‘Father of Indian Music’. He laid the foundation of Gwalior gharana style and is known for his great contribution towards the Indian classical music. Tansen had a remarkable voice and it is believed that when he used to sing Raga Megh Malhar, it would start raining. Similarly when he used to sing Raga Deepak, the lamps would light up.

Tansen Samaroh, India :

Tansen Festival as the name suggests is dedicated to the great music maestro Tansen, who was one of the nine gems in the court of Akbar. Tansen Music Festival is held in the month of December every year. Tansen Tomb (tomb of Tansen) is the venue of this great event. Tansen Music Festival, also known as Tansen Samaroh is supported by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. This is a four day and night festival which is a perfect treat for music lovers. This festival attracts huge crowds from all over the country as well as the world.

Many artists and musicians from all over the nation come and perform their talent to the spectators. In this festival several talented senior artists as well as new comers can be seen performing to the audience. The audience can enjoy several instrumental performances as well as remarkable vocal performances by the artists. (more…)

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Goa is famous throughout the world for its beautiful beaches, picturesque landscape, vibrant culture, food and entertainment. It is also host to Asia’s biggest music festival known as Sunburn Festival. Sunburn Festival at Goa is known for its live performances by some of the top DJ’s in the world. Sunburn Festival at Goa is a blend of music, dance, shopping, entertainment and food. This festival of Goa was ranked as the ninth best festival in the world by CNN in 2009. Sunburn Festival at Goa was started in 2007 and since then it is being organized every year in the month of December.

Sunburn Festival in Goa :

Sunburn Festival Goa is organized by Shailendra Singh and Nikhil Chinapa. This is basically a three days event which has multiple stages.

Goa India

Goa India

One of the remarkable features of this festival is the simultaneous playing of music by the artists. The stage is equipped with high technology equipments, lighting and sound systems. Many renowned Bollywood stars also make an appearance in this festival. The festival has attracted thousands of visitors from all around the globe. This musical extravaganza has turned out to boost tourism in Goa.

Sunburn Festival at Goa has turned out Goa into a paradise for party animals and music lovers. This festival is an experience of a lifetime as a result of which thousands of people come here to celebrate and enjoy. Sunburn Festival at Goa is the most awaited festival in India. This festival not only offers great music but also shopping experience as well as pure entertainment for the visitors.

During this festival the atmosphere in Goa gets frenzied and many people can be seen in the mood of celebration and joy. Sunburn Festival at Goa is like a open discotheque which brings together people from different cultures and countries. (more…)

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