Matsya Avatar The Fish Incarnation by Lord Vishnu :

According to the ancient Hindu mythologies, the Matsya Avatar was the first out of ten avatars of Lord Vishnu. In this avatar he is described as having lower part of his body of a fish and upper part of his body like that of a man. He has four arms, with one holding a conch-shell, another holding a wheel and rest of the two hands are in the position of boon giving and protection.

Matsya Avtaar

Matsya Avtaar

The Matsya Avatar of Lord Vishnu has been described in Matsya Purana. According to this purana, there used to be a king named Satyavrata of pre-ancient Dravida. He was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Satyavrata later comes to be known as Manu. One day while he was washing hands in a river, a small fish swam into his hands and asked him to save his life. He put that fish in a jar, but the fish soon grew big and Satyavrata had to move him to a tank.

But the fish didn’t stop growing big and then from the tank he had to move him to a river, from river to ocean but to no avail. Finally the fish revealed itself to Manu as Lord Vishnu and told him that soon there will be a flood within seven days, which will destroy all life forms. He instructed Manu to build a giant boat and take all medicinal herbs, different varieties of seeds along with seven saints, serpent Vasuki and other animals. Manu does what he is told by Lord Vishnu and is saved from the flood.

Although the Matsya Avatar of Lord Vishnu has no temples and has no major independent representation in literature and art, but this form of Lord Vishnu remains significant for several reasons. This form of Lord Vishnu saves Manu from the flood and destruction. The Matsya Avatar of Lord Vishnu establishes a prototype for other incarnations of Lord that follows.

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Pandu Kunti and The Mahabharata’s  Story :

According to Mahabharata, which is one of the most ancient Hindu epics of India, Pandu was the ruler of Hastinapur. He was the son of Rishi Ved Vyasa and Ambalika. Pandu is popularly known as the father of five Pandava brothers.

Legend has it that Rishi Veda Vyasa visited Ambalika to grant her a son. Ambalika became pale after seeing the Sage’s formidable form due to which Pandu was born pale. Pandu grew up to become the King of Hastinapur. He was an excellent archer and later conquered several territories such as Vanga, Magadha, Kashi, Kalinga, Anga, etc.

Pandu married Madri and Kunti. Madri was the daughter of the King of Madra and Kunti was the daughter of the King of Vrishni. Once on a hunting trip to the forest, Pandu mistakenly shot an arrow at sage Rishi Kindama and his wife, killing both the couple. He mistook them for a deer. Sage Rishi Kindama before his death cursed Pandu that if he ever approach a women with the intention of making love, he would die instantly. Pandu was deeply upset and repented for his action.

He gave up his kingdom and a life of luxury and since then onwards started to live as an ascetic with both his wives. Pandu’s elder brother, the blind Dhritrashtra was crowned as the king of Hastinapur. Pandu due to his curse was not in a position to father a child and he was deeply upset by the thought of dying childless. One day he expressed his desire to Kunti to have children. Kunti then used the (more…)

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