Rangapanchami is one of the most celebrated festivals in India, and has been celebrated in the country for centuries. Also known as Holi, this festival is celebrated in almost all part of India, and also in some other countries too.

The beauty of Holi is that you can play without any restrictions, enjoying yourself to the core. There is a great enthusiasm and excitement in the people for celebrating Holi.

Holi Rangapanchami  :

It is celebrated by burning Holika, bonfire, on the eve of the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalgun. And the festival of colors is played on the fifth day following the full moon day, marking the end of the festive season.

The name rangapanchami literally means, play of colors on the fifth day and thus signifies the use of colours in the festival. While the burning of the Holika signifies the triumph of good over evil, the play of colours signifies the pranks lord Krishna used to play with gopies.

The play with colors forms an integral part of the festival and gives the festival that unique feel of unrestrained fun. People drench each other with colored waters, and in some places only dry color  gulal is used, this is done to reduce wastage of water. There is lots of dancing and singing, with devotees loosing themselves in the festivities, singing songs of devotion towards Radha Krishna. And while the singing and dancing is on, they color each other with gulal and abeer.

This festival which is played at the end of winter also marks the beginning of the summer season in India. In other countries it is celebrated for its theme of triumph of good over evil. The diversity of this festival can be noted by the fact that this festival is played (more…)

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Legend of Kamadeva & Rati on Holi :

India is the land of Gods and Goddesses, with millions of deities being worshipped here. Hindu mythology is one of the most rich and

diverse in the world, and is basis of many legends that have their roots in the way of life in India. One of the legends involves Kamadeva, the God of Love, Passion and Desire. The legend speaks volumes about the selfless sacrifice of Kamadeva for the betterment of the world.

The legend goes that King Dacha misbehaved with Lord Shiva, insulting and demeaning him. Because of this insult, sati, daughter of King Daksha was deeply hurt, as Shiva was her consort. Unable to bear the insult on Shiva, sati committed herself to fire. Because of sati’s death, Lord Shiva was deeply saddened and hurt.

He lost interest in the worldly activities and went in to deep meditation, in pain of sati’s loss. This caused a terrible upset in the world, as Lord Shiva wasn’t there to govern the World.

Besides parvati, the daughter of mountains was deeply in love with Lord Shiva and wanted to marry him, but that wasn’t possible till Lord Shiva was in meditation. So she with other Gods requested Kamadeva to shoot Lord Shiva with arrow of love, and to break his meditation and make him fall in love with Parvati. Kamadeva, fully aware of Lord Shiva’s anger and its consequences, agreed to make Shiva fall in love with Parvati for good of all.

When Kamadeva shot Shiva his meditation was broken, and in anger he burnt down Kamadeva to ashes with his third eye. Though the arrow of Kamadeva had its affect and Lord Shiva fell in love with parvati and married her. And later on request of parvati and rati, (more…)

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