Holi Festival in New York City :

Holi is a very colorful and joyous festival of India and people celebrate this festival with full enthusiasm. Holi is known by various different names in different parts of the country. But holi has no boundaries and is celebrated all over the world.

There are so many Indians are residing in New York these days and they always celebrate holi festival with full excitement every year in the New York City. They follow all the traditions of holi and also play colors with each other on

Holika and Prahlad

Holika and Prahlad

this day. Because of their passion of following Indian tradition, children also come close to Indian culture and always give respect to their elders.

In New York, people follow all holi traditions like burning of bonfire, playing of colors and singing the holi songs. Indian community organize a holi get together where all Indians meet and enjoy the festival.

They play colors with each other, sing holi songs and dance together. On this day, people get chance of making new friends and knowing new people. So, it is a great way to get people closer and to generate love in relationships. It is said that, enemies also become friends on this day.

In the evening, people go to the homes of their friends and relatives and exchange sweets and gifts with them. Young people also take blessings of older ones. So, in this way, holi is celebrated with lot of fun in New York City.

So, if you are planning to visit this city then the best time will be the holi time. It will be a great fun to celebrate holi with the Indians settled in New York.

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Holi Celebration in Nepal :

Holi is a very well-known festival in India but it is also celebrated in many other countries of the world especially where Indian communities are settled like Nepal, Pakistan, Mauritius, etc. In these countries people celebrates Holi with lots of fun and enjoyment.

For people of Nepal, Holi is a great ceremony and celebrate this festival for a week. People get drench in lot of colors, excitement and fun. This festival has a special importance at Terai region and in the regions where Indian communities mainly Marwaris have established. Friends and families together celebrate this fiesta with lots of excitement and fun.

Over all streets of Nepal, you can see people throwing colored water and balloons on each other. Water-balloons are also known as ‘lolas’ in Nepal. Playing with colors is done on last day of the festival.

On the first day of Holi festival, a traditional pole known as ‘chir’ is installed. ‘Chir’ is a pole of bamboo on which cloth strips are fringed as good luck charm. After the installation of pole in the street of Basantpur, worships and festivities start which lasts for a week. On the last day, this ‘chir’ is placed in bonfire.

There is a popular belief behind the establishment of ‘chir’ which is also associated with naughty nature of Lord Krishna. Krishna was used to play different tricks with gopis and according to the saying one day he seduced all gopis with his good looks. Then he threw colored water on them and stole all their clothes when they were bathing in river. To tease all gopis, he hung their clothes on the tree. ‘Chir’ is a symbol of that tree.

In Nepal also people light a bonfire called Holika which is associated with the story of Prahlad. This story represents the victory of good over evil. Nepal is a beautiful place and it is great to see this colorful country at the time of Holi festival. So, be fast and plan your visit to Nepal in this March.

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