Sindhi are the oldest people of human history. Sindhi’s most important festival is birthday of Lord Jhulelal called Cheti Chand. Sindhi’s have a rich and different moving tradition and are very cheerful. Sindhi live in Pakistan and are Muslim, but many of them migrated to India so they are Sindhi Hindu. These people celebrate all the festival with happiness and display. In Sindhi Festivals, people also celebrate Cheti Chand, Teejri, Chaliho Sahib and Rakhi.

Cheti Chand – New Year

Jhule Lal

Jhule Lal

Cheti Chand is a New Year day for Sindhi people. It is an important festival celebrated by people. It is the second day of the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar (March-April).

Cheti Chand is celebrated in the respect of the birth of Ishtadeva Uderolal known as Jhulelal by the Sindhi people. This day is very important and is celebrated with splendor and joy. It is a celebration of the birth of Water god known as Jhulelal.

Some businessmen opened new account book on this day. On Cheti Chand, people wish to each other by saying “Cheti Chand ji Lakh Lakh Wadayun Athav”.

Chalio Sahib – Thanks Giving Day

Chailo Sahib is a festival of the Sindhi community. Chailo Sahib is celebrated in the months of July-August. In Chailo Sahib People pray to Lord Jhuelal for 40 days. People keep fast on this day and celebrate this occasion as Thanks Giving Day. Chailo Sahib celebrates this festival with all devotion and faith.

For these forty days Sindhis do not sleep on bed, no shaving or cutting hair, no use of soap and belts. Avoid non vegetarian food on these day. One can keep a fast for the first 10 days, 21 days or 40 days according to their capacity. The majority of the population of Thatta was of Sindhi Community so Chailo Sahib became a festival of the Sindhis.

Teejri – Teejri Festival like Karwa Chauth

Teejri festival takes place in the month of Sawan during monsoon. The women fast on Teejri festival. In Teejri married women and girls decorate hands and feet with Mehndi designs and keep the fast for whole day. Women play games, sing songs and swing in Jhulas on this day. In Traditional families sindhi women do not even drink a sip of water until they break their fast. When the night falls and after seeing the moon they break the fast. You can say that Teejri festival is like a karwa chauth.

Thadri – Birth of Yoga Maya

Thadri is celebrated in the month of Sawan month. Thadri is celebrated as the birth of Yoga-Maya, the sister of Lord Krishna. The God is thought to be the God named by various diseases like small pox and measles. The people usually play card game on this day. Women prepare food on the previous day at house, because on that day fire is not supposed to be lit at home. People get together and visit the holy place by singing bhajan songs.

Rakhi – Bond of Brother and Sister

Rakhi is a festival for the brothers by the sisters. This festival is called as Raksha Bandhan. It falls on the Poornima of Sawan month. During this day the sisters tie Rakhi to their brothers. On this day not only the own sisters (more…)

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ThaiPusam is an important festival celebrated by the Hindus. It is celebrate in January – February as per Tamil calendar. Thai Poosam is dedicated to the Hindu God Murugan, the son of Shiva and Parvati. On this day people, pierce their body with metal rod and carry pots of milk on their heads walk for four kilometers as a punishment. ThaiPusam is a mixture of the name, Thai of the month and Poosam is name of a star.

Thai Poosam Festival :

Poosam star is at its highest point during this festival. There are many secrets about the festival Thaipoosam. Thai

Thai Poosam at Murugan Temple

Thai Poosam at Murugan Temple

Poosam is a Hindu festival celebrated at southern part of India. On Thai Poosam, a number of devotees follow a procession towards lord murugan temples carrying ‘chhatris’ (Kavadi). They keep on dancing and beating drums.

The people give fruits and yellow or orange color flowers to Lord Murugan. They wear yellow or orange colored dress on this day.

The wooden or bamboo structure called chhatris is covered with cloth and decorated with feathers of peacock. It is celebrated in Mauritius, Singapore, Myanmar and Malaysia also. The festival is also known as ‘Thaippooyam’. It is a special day to worship Lord Murugan.

Thai Poosam is a festival in which people enjoy a lot and have fun. On the seventh day of Thai Poosam, the god’s Rath is taken to the banks of the Shanmuga River for a bath. This holy Rath is pulled by thousands of devotees.

Date of Thai Poosam festival 2014 :

Thai Poosam festival will be celebrated on 16th January. 

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