Goddess Maa Parvati is very well known name in Hindu religion. She is known as wife of lord Shiva one of the trinity. She is mother of wealth giver god Ganasha.

She is also significance of “Shakti”- the power of soul. She is worshiped to be closer with lord Shiva and to being a couple like Shiva and Parvati by devotees. Aarti of maa Parvati is very easy and meaningful to chant. It describes the personality of goddess and importance of their relationship with lord Shiva.

Aarti of Parvati Maa :

Video of Parvati Mata ki Aarti:

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  1. Prem Prakash Prasad
    August 4th, 2010 | 12:51 pm

    i have need of lyrics of maa parvati aarti.

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