Balaji is synonym of God Hanuman ji. Hanuman ji was very famous and worshiping God of Hindu’s. He was best friend and informer of God Ram in holy Puran “Ramayana”. God ram loved him like his brother Bharat. He was known as god of “power and strength” also.

He was very powerful and smart fighter from God Ram side in Lanka Battle so people worship him for better health and intelligence. He was only god, which could be able to reduce or finish the dangerous sight of God Shani, so people worship him to be secure from God Shani’s sight.

Tuesday and Saturday are the best days to worship God Balaji according to weekly Hindu calendar. Aarti of Balaji is very popular to sing at place of pooja at home and temple of Balaji as well. It describes all the activity of Balaji had done in Ramayana and their personality as well.


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