Lord Ayyappa Tamil God Wallpapers Download:

Lord Ayyappa is worshiped by Hindus all over the world in a number of shrines across India. Ayyappa is believed to be a life of Dharma Sasta who is the young of Shiva and Vishnu (as Mohini in his female form) and is generally depicted in a yogic position wearing a bell around his neck named as Manikantan. Lord Ayyappa is a very famous god of South India. He is a symbol of religious unity and harmony. The name “Ayyappa” is used as a respectful form of address in the Malayalam language spoken in Kerala India.

Wallpapers of Ayyappa rebuild the religion and spiritual presence. These High resolution Ayyappa Wallpapers are easy to download and a great add on to your personal collection of devotional wallpapers. Display Ayyappa Wallpaper on your desktop screen, laptop and mobile and feel his presence, and take his blessings. For all devotees of Lord Ayyappa we have Ayyappa Wallpapers. He is also known as different names like Bhuthanatha, Dharmasastha, Hariharan, Ayyanar and Manikanta. The resolution of the picture can be 1024×768 pixels.

Lord Ayyappa HD desktop wallpapers capture his grand presence in all forms. May Ayyappa bless you all throughout life!!

Lord Ayyappa Wallpapers:

lord ayyappa

lord ayyappa

lord ayyappa

lord ayyappa

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Tamil God Songs Download, Tamil Devotional Songs

Tamil God songs are simple song that indulge you in the love for supreme and makes you extremely devotional. It is used in the cheerful mood and many festival occasions at temples and homes. The devotional Tamil albums can be listening on your phones and mobile devices also. Various Tamil God songs are as follows:

1.       Shiva Devotional Songs
Shiva Devotional Songs is the best Bhajans or devotional songs dedicated to Lord Shiva by politeness of hanuman.

  • Aada Vallan
  • Aananadha Natamaaduvaar
  • Idhathu Patham
  • Kaakkavendroo
  • Kaal Maariyaadiya

2.       Murugan Devotional Songs

  • Mannukkum vinnukkum
  • Mella sirikkum
  • Muruga nee varavendum
  • Muruganai kuppittu
  • Muruga un kunam

3.       Amman Devotional Songs

  • Amman Song (Aadum karagam)
  • Adi Parameswari
  • Adimudalana song
  • Ayiram Idahz
  • Adhi Parasakthi by Seerkhazhi Govinadarajan
  • Ayiram Ezhal song

4.       Ayyappan Devotional Songs

  • Acchan Kovil Arase
  • Annadhana Prabhuve
  • Ayyappan Padi Pattu
  • Kadumalai
  • Harivaraasanam

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