Bishwakarma Puja is the main celebration for the workers and employers. Persons who works in the field of Architect And Engineering celebrate this festival with lot of joy.

Bishwakarma Puja Festival In India:

Bishwakarma, the God of Creation is worshiped on this day. God Bishwakarma create this whole universe. Bishwakarma develop each and every part of the universe related to production and building. So the workers who works in any production firm, worship lord Bishwakarma for proper and safe working.

They pray for proper production and trading in business. Higher level employee board of director and clerical staff also worship Bishwakarma for better revenue and profit for their company or production plant.

It is the birthday of Vishwakarma on which Vishwakarma Jayanti is celebrated. God Vishwakarma developed or made many beautiful and outstanding creations like Dwarka(City of Lord Krishna), Hastinapur( city of Kaurava’s And Pandava’s), Earth and Haven too. A statue of God Vishwakarma is bring at the place work.

God Vishwakarma having four hands which holds A book, Veda, A noose and carpenter’s tools. God Vishwakarma sits over the Elephant who is a very big animal. All kind of Puja’s things are bring for worship.

Owner or Director of organization joins the workers and participate in Puja And worshiping. Fresh fruits and sweets are distributed after Puja at grand level. Cultural programs are celebrated in night times. Many organization arranges competition of various sports and cultural activity between workers and clerical employees. Vishwakarma Jayanti is celebrated at Bengal, Orissa and other parts of eastern India with more Passion and (more…)

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Viswakarma Puja Festival Celebration:

Viswakarma Puja festival is celebrated in the month of September every year. Lord Viswakarma is the divine engineer god it is said in our history. God Viswakarma is worshipped by all of people who works with tool like enginers, craftsmen, carpernter, painter (we can say any person who works with tools).

People of all professions get blessings of god Viswakarma by doing speacial puja and keeping fast this day. all of tools are kept in this puja and the idol or photo of lord Viswakarma kept at the center of the pooja place.

It is said that God Viswakarma made this universe, heaven and the earth. it is said that lord viswakarma also created the weapons by bones of Rishi Dadhichi. Many types of fruits, coconuts, sweets and flowers are offered to god Viswakarma. People wish good health and wealth, they also need none of engineer related problem or fault to come in whole year. family members of all the employees come to offer this Pooja ceremony.

This festival is celebrated at any big industrial areas, workshops or factories area with a grate charm. Rituals are followed at puja place and then all people get lunch with prasad.

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