Download Gujarati Garba Dandiya Raas Songs:

Navratri is a very famous nine night festival of hindu peoples. During this festivals hindu family goes to Goddess temple and prey for good life. It is also famous for it’s colorful Garba or Dandiya Raas dance. Dandiya is a dance form in which people dances in a circle with two small dandiya (wood peaces). This is a group dance.

One more dance form is here which is known as garba dance. Both of garba dance and dandiya dance are performed at Pandaal during navratri season. Some of very famous dance songs are also there which are so famous, because of garba and dandiya dance songs are played loudly during navratri times.

Some Videos of Gujarati Garba – Dandiya Raas are as Follows:

United Way of Baroda – Navratri ( Garba ) :

Gujarati Raas Garba :

Edmonton Garba Girls 1st place winners :

Garba Vidya Nagar Anand Navaratri :

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