Gau is rural word of English word Cow. As we know Cow is an animal which gives us milk and related products. According to Hindus Gau or Cow is respected like a mother or ”Mata” or Goddess, So people called Gau Mata or Goddess Gau.

According to Hindus religion Gau Mata is the residence of all the gods. We get all holy products from Gau Mata that makes our body strong. “Pnchamrit”- Standard thing that served to the god after pooja, is made by five thing of Gau Mata. Aarti of Gau Mata explains her personality and importance on earth.

Gau Mata Aarti:

gaumata aarti

gaumata aarti

Watch video about Hinduism – Why Cows are Holy :

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  1. upendra
    January 27th, 2012 | 6:36 pm

    my mother likes this type of devotional songs thank you

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