Christmas Festival In Year 2012 :

Christmas Festival is a one of the most important and holy festival of Christian religion. It is a symbol of love, tolerance and enlightens. Christmas Festival is celebrated in all over the world on 25th December. 25th December is a birthday date of Jesus Christ. It brings happiness and a positive approach in every ones life.

On this day children have a great enjoyment and stimulation because they get various gifts from Santa Clause. Santa clause plays with the children and he sing songs to entertain the children. A beautiful song we can see here in the following-

# A Christmas Song #

Christmas Day is here and so are we, Time for children and presents
And Christmas trees. Happiness, loveliness, Christmas bells ringing out
good will to men and peace on earth. Every thing they taught you
when you were a child, the things a child once taught the world.
If Christmas day is really in your heart, you don’t have to save up all your love
to give once a year, learn to give, try to live
each day like Christmas Day.

Christmas Festival In Year 2012:
Date of the Christmas festival is : 25 December 2012.

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Christmas festival is a festival of Christian religion. Christmas festival is celebrated in the remembrance of Jesus Christ’s birth. It is celebrated in all over the world. It gives us a message of love, patience, affection, happiness and brotherhood.

Christmas festival is a celebration of compassion and mankind. According to an early Roman calendar Jesus Christ’s birthday date is a 25th December in 336 AD. So, in world wide Christmas festival is celebrated on 25th December in every year.

India has a unity in diversity. In India Christmas festival celebrates by not only Christian people but also it celebrates by some other communities like Hindu, Sikh etc. they celebrates it with a huge enjoyment and excitement. On this occasion a pine tree is traditionally decorated by Christians. But in India Christian people decorates mango or banana trees as a substitute of pine tree.

Christian people decorate their Churches with red flora and they fired lamps in the Churches. On this day People gives gifts to their family members and their neighbors. Such Christmas festival has a great importance in India.

Christmas Festival In year 2012:

  • Date of the Christmas festival is : 25 December 2012.

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