Holi festival is observed on the full moon day that called Purnima in the Phalgun month. It is celebrated such as a colorful occasion and with a massive vivacity and exhilaration.

On the next day of the Holi festival, Dhulandi or Gulal festival is celebrated by the people. It is a festival of colors. Many legends or myths are there related with holi festival. A most significant myth has linked with Hiranyakashyap.

A Myth Related With Hiranyakashyap and Prahlad :

Holika and Prahlad

Holika and Prahlad

He was a very brutal demon king who observed himself as a most powerful god. He pressurized people to worship to him otherwise he will kill them. People were frightened from his nasty behavior. So, people worshiped him with fear. But his son was a true follower of lord Narayana.

His name was Bhakta Prahlad. Hiranyakashyap made many efforts to convince his son Prahlad but all were useless. At last Hiranyakashyap decided to kill Prahlad. He called his sister to kill Prahlad. Her name was Holika. She had blessed that the fire was not dangerous for her.  (more…)

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