Nagaland Hornbill Festival is one of the main festivals of Nagaland which is famed throughout the world for its unique and beautiful display of celebration. As the name suggests this festival is named after a bird called Hornbill. Nagaland Hornbill Festival is held every year on the month of December. It is a seven day event which takes place from 1st-7th of December. This weeklong event attracts several tourists from all over India as well as abroad.

Hornbill festival in Nagaland :

nagaland festival

Nagaland Hornbill Festival is a colorful festival which is organized by the State Tourism and Art and Culture Departments. This festival takes place in the Naga Heritage Village situated at Kisama which lies at a distance of 12 km from Kohima. Almost all the tribes of Nagaland participate in this festival.

The purpose of this festival is to restore and conserve the rich tradition and culture of Nagaland. Some of the special attractions of Nagaland Hornbill Festival include sports, ceremonies, games, colorful performances, food fairs, crafts, herbal medicine stalls, fashion shows, traditional archery, concerts, beauty contest, arts, traditional Naga Morungs exhibition and many more.

In Nagaland Hornbill Festival one can see replicas of tribal huts, hollow log drum instruments, wood carvings, etc. Men and women representing their respective tribes can be seen wearing their traditional attire with ornaments, shields and hunting trophies. In this festival visitor can enjoy watching Naga artists displaying their traditional skills in the form of sculpture, dances, games, music, paintings and wood carvings. Some of the famous artifacts and products of Nagaland can be found here such as bamboo products, organic fruits, woven garments, local delicacies, etc. The evening is filled with musical concerts. (more…)

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Nagaland of India is also known as the second Switzerland of the earth. This place can explain the beauty of this part of India. Nagaland is one of the most beautiful places of our country. It is the land of charming valleys, high mountains, beautiful environment and beautiful culture also.

Nagaland is also known as the name of agriculture land because 60 percent of the population of this state depends upon farming. It is a land of festivals and all festival mainly related to the agriculture. Hornbill Festival is also one of them. In Nagaland there are many tribes living here and each & every tribe organizes their own festivals.

Government of Nagaland encourage the cultural heritage of Nagaland and for inter tribal interaction organizes each year a festival of Hornbill which celebrate in the first week of December. This festival includes many events like Hornbill ball, Naga chill – eating competition, car rally and traditional sports competition etc. This festival mainly organizes to promote tourism in the state of Nagaland. Government of Nagaland represented this festival as the festival of the festivals in 2009.

How They celebrate Hornbill Festival ?

The name of this festival Hornbill took from the name of a bird of Nagaland. Hornbill Festival organizes from 1st December to 7th December each year in Kohima. A heritage village Kisama around 12 km after from Kohima is the place of celebration. During this festival various tribal of Nagaland participate with their various culture and rituals.

It is an interaction of culture. During the celebration people of various tribal showed their art and culture. In this festival a tourist can see wood art and craft, colorful paintings, competitive sports and games, flower shows and food stalls, various effective medicine, songs and dances, beauty contest and exhibitions etc.

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