Onam Festival :



Onam is one of the biggest and most celebrated or popular festival of the state of Kerela in the country of India. This is the festival which is celebrated with great joy and moments of pleasure among the people of Kerala. Onam is a remarkable festival of this state which is celebrated to marks the King Mahabali of Kerala.

It is the occasion which is celebrates in welcoming of King Mahabali. This festival observes each of the year in the month of Chingam a Malayali month. According to English calendar it observes in the month of August or September each of the year.

This festival celebrates for long ten days in the state of Kerala. During the festival there are many cultural and traditional programs we can see and enjoy. Snake boat races, flower carpets, Puli Kali, Kaikottikkali dance, and elaborate banquet lunch are the major activities are done during the time of Onam festival in Kerala. Kaikottikkali dance is one of the major and most fabulous dances of this state of Kerala. It is the dance which needs a good concentration on practices and awareness of steps of this dance.

Onam is also a most valuable time for harvesting in the state so it is also called as the harvest festival of the Kerala. There was also a beautiful myth behind the celebration of Onam in this state. King Mahabali was one of the great powerful kings of past time. Lord Indra was afraid to him so he got help from lord Vishnu to overcome about his power. During the time of Onam festival in Kerala there organizes a big fair too. People adorned their houses and shops that time.

Onam Festival In Year 2013: 16 September

As like each year the festival of Onam will also celebrate. It will be celebrate for long 10 days in the state of Kerala.

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Kerela – the land of green and beauty, where one would forget everything else but the fact that no other place is as beautiful as Kerela. Kerela has been a hotspot with a lot of tourist due to its picturesque attraction, brilliant beaches, the remote backwaters, sacrosanct temples, and colourful festival celebrations. The festivals of Kerela are quite amazing to be a part of or be an audience of.

The famous festivals of Kerela are follows:

  1. Onam: Onam is the biggest and the most popular festival of Kerela. People believe that Asura King Mahabali returns to Earth on the day of Onam which is why people clean and decorate their houses. Onam is a ten day long harvest festival and is celebrated throughout India with different regions calling it different names. It is celebrated in the months of September and October. The highlight of Onam celebration is the snake boat race called Vallamkali that people love to participate and watch.
  2. Vishu: Vishu is the New Year of the Malyaali people. They celebrate Vishu in the beginning of April. The prime of this festival is called Kani-Kali which means first sight. On the eve of the New Year, people arrange staple food, flowers, ornaments and jewels and other important things in their room of worship, and make sure that these are the first things they see on the New Year s Day.
  3. Thirssur Pooram: Thirssur Pooram is one of the biggest events in Kerela, which is celebrated in April and May. The prime of this fete is the parade of fifty elephants that are artistically andbeautifully decorated, in the centre of the town of Thirssur.
  4. Nehru trophy boat race: this is the much awaited event and people from across the states and countries look forward to attend this event. The Nehru trophy race is held on the second Saturday in the month of August in the Punnamda Lake.
  5. Easter: Easter is a widely celebrated festival and people in Kerela celebrate it with high spirits. Easter is a forty days long celebration that includes Lent, which is a thirty day fasting ritual.

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