Ram Navami Festival, Festival of Lord Rama:

Ram Navami is related with lord Ram. Ram was a son of king Dasharath. He is a king of Ayodhya. Ram was born in the ayodhya nagari. The ninth day of Chaitra month is celebrated as a Ram Navami. It is a great holy festival of Hindu religion. In many temples it is celebrated for nine days starting from the first day of Chaitra month.

It is celebrated of readings, a famous religious scripture of Hindu religion ‘Ramayana’ and organizing religious ‘Bhajan parties’. people celebrate this festival with joy and happiness.



A Famous Spiritual Scripture “Ramayana”:

Ramayana was written by Maharshi Valmiki. Ramayana is an autobiography of lord Ram. When ram went for ‘Vanvaas’ for fourteen years Ram’s wife Seeta had kidnapped by demon king Ravan. King Ravan was a ruler of Lanka kingdom. Ravan wanted to marry with Seeta.

But Seeta refused to marry with him because by heartily she was a wife of lord shri Ram. Ravan made all efforts to convey Seeta but all were ruined. After the long time struggle, Ram killed to king Ravan by the help of king Sugreev and a true devotee Hanuman. Finally lord Ram got his wife Seeta.


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Ram Navami Festival



Ram Navami day is a symbol of Rams birthday. He was known as a simple name Ram. But after the great victory at the king Ravan he is called “Shri Ram”. Ram was a true follower of Dharma. That is why he is also known as a ‘Maryada purushottam’. If we look at the Ram’s idol, his right hand is raised up to bless his devotees and in left hand he has a ‘Borrow’.

Lord Shri Ram – As an ideal:

Ram as an ideal Son:

He worshiped his parents and always obeyed them. He was always follow his elders order.

When his mother “kekai” said to him to go for ‘Vanvaas’, he did respect her also and went in jungle for fourteen years Vanvaas with his wife Seeta and brother Lakshman.

Ram as an ideal Brother:

Ram gave up his palace and all luxuries for his brother Bharat. Ram-Lakshman is a grate sign of an ideal brotherly love till now.

Ram as an ideal Husband:

In ancient time, kings used to have many wives but lord Ram was committed to his one wife Seeta.

Ram as an ideal friend:

Ram helped king Sugreev to get his kingdom from king Bali. Ram also helped Vibhishan in his difficult time.

Ram as an ideal King:

He followed all rules of a king. He has never go back from his promise.

Ram as an ideal Enemy: (more…)

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