Sugriva has been described in the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana as the younger brother of Bali. Sugriva succeeded Bali as the ruler of Vanara (monkey) Kingdom known as Kishkindha. He was the son of Surya and had a wife known as Ruma. Sugriva played a remarkable role in Ramayana by helping Lord Rama in his quest to rescue his wife Sita from Ravana, the king of Lanka.

Sugriva the younger brother of bali :

According to the mythology, Bali was the ruler of Kishkindha. One day a rakshasa (demon) came to the gates of his kingdom and challenged him for a fight. Bali accepted his challenge, but when Bali charged towards the demon to fight him, the demon got scared and fled into a deep cave. Bali asked Sugriva to wait outside the cave and he went into the cave in pursuit of the demon. Sugriva heard demonic shouts from the cave and saw blood oozing from the mouth of cave.

Sugriva came into a conclusion that his brother has been killed and with a heavy heart he closed the opening of the cave with a heavy boulder. He returned back to the kingdom and assumed kingship. Bali finally killed the demon in cave and returned back to his kingdom, but he became filled with anger when he saw his brother acting as the king. Bali concluded that Sugriva had betrayed him. Sugriva tried to explain the truth to his brother, but Bali didn’t listen to him. Sugriva was banished from the kingdom and Bali forcibly took his wife Ruma.

While Lord Rama was on his journey to rescue Sita, he came to meet Sugriva, to whom he promised that he will kill Bali and will reinstate Sugriva as the king of Vanaras. In return for this favor, Sugriva promised to help Rama with his army. Sugriva challenged (more…)

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According to ancient Hindu epic Ramayana, Bali was the king of Kishkindha. He was the son of Indra and is popularly known as the elder brother of Sugriva. Bali had a wife named Tara and had a son Angada. Bali was killed by Lord Rama.

Fight Between Bali and Sugreeva:

Bali was a powerful and brave king of vanaras. He had a boon according to which anyone who came to fight before him used to lose half

Bali and Sugreeva fight

Bali and Sugreeva fight

of his strength to Bali. This boon made Bali invincible. In one of the incidents Ravana challenged Bali for a fight. Bali took Ravana by his tail and humbled him by taking him all around the world. Ravana gave up and called for armistice.

One day Bali was challenged by a rakshasa for a fight. Bali accepted his challenge and headed towards him to fight, but soon the rakshasa came to know about his strength and fled with fear into a deep cave.

Bali told his brother Sugriva to guard the cave and wait for him to return. He then headed into the cave to kill the rakshasa. Sugriva saw blood flowing out of the mouth of cave and came to a conclusion that his brother has been killed by the rakshasa.

He immediately with a heavy heart sealed the mouth of cave with a big boulder and returned back to the kingdom. Bali killed the rakshasa and while heading back towards the exit of cave found it to be closed.

He soon came out of the cave and headed back to his kingdom where he saw Sugriva acting as a king. This enraged Bali and he came into a conclusion that his brother Sugriva betrayed him. Sugriva tried to explain his innocence to his brother, but Bali didn’t listen to him. He banished Sugriva from his kingdom and took his wife Ruma. Sugriva fled to the forest where meets Lord Rama. He formed an alliance with Lord Rama. Lord Rama does a favor to Sugriva by killing Bali and Sugriva reclaims his kingdom.
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