TMS Murugan Songs Free Download, Tms Murugan Tamil Songs

TMS Murugan songs are very good song, it is taken from Murugan albums. In this album, most of the songs are sung by TM Sounderarajan. People liked all these songs very much.

1.     Azhagendra Sollukku

Azhagendra Sollukku is a Muruga Tamil devotional song. Azhagendra Sollukku is taken from Murugan Song’s albums and singer is T.M Sounderarajan.

2.       Karpanai Endralum

This song was written by Mariyathaikkuriya Kavingar and length of song is 2.58 minutes. It is sung by TM Sounderarajan, Lyrics is given by T.S. Rangarajan.

3.       Manimudi Oraru

Manimudi Oraru is sung by TM Sounderarajan Murugan and the song lyric is given by T.M. Sounderarajan.

4.       Senthoor Kandhaiyyaa

Senthoor Kandhaiyya is sung by TM. Sounderarajan and it is taken from the Murugan songs albums. Its Music Director is TM. Soundera rajan. It is very good song and can be listen anytime.

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