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Vinayagar has many names and many forms. The word Vinayagar or Vinayagan is a combination VI means “No” while Nayagar means “head”. The Vinayagar exactly means who has no leader. He himself is the leader of all and the highest.

This Vinayagar Devotional Song Singers are: T. L. Maharajan, Veeramani Raju, Raja Chozhan, Krishna Raaj, Mukesh, Ramu, Mahanadhi Shobhana, Kalpana, Usha Sethuraman and Gopika Poornima. The songs are as follows:

Dundiraja Bhujangap

This song is sung by artist G Gayathri Devi, S Saindhavi, R Shruti. It is devotional song title is Dundiraja Bhujangapravata Stotram and length is 6. 15 minutes and was released on Jan 2009. It is taken from Holy Chants on Lord Ganesha.

Ganapathiye Varuvaai

This song is sung by Ganapathiye Varuvai, music is given by L. Krishnan, artist is R. Krishnaraj and released in 1996. It is a devotional song.

Ganesha Ashtakam                     

Ganeshashtakam is the devotional song sung by G Gayathri Devi – Saindhavi – Shruti and its length its 6.28 minutes.

Ganesha Dvadasha

This song is known by Ganesha Dvadasha Nama Stotram. It is sung by G Gayathri Devi and Saindhavi – Shruti. Ganesha Dvadasha is the famous song of Ganesha. Its length of the song is 4.12 minutes.

Vinayagane Vinaitheerpavane

Vinayagane Vinaitheerpavane song is sung by Seerkazhi S Govindarajan, Composers is D B Ramachandran and Lyricist of this song is Ulundurpettai Shunmugam. It is very famous song among the people. The duration of Vinayagane Vinaitheerpavane is 3: 06 minutes.

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