Hindu God Shiva :

Lord Shiva is one of the most popular gods in Hindu religion. He is considered as a major deity and is often called as Shiva the

Hindu God Shiva

Hindu God Shiva

destroyer. Lord Shiva is basically a yogi who watches everything that happens in the world. He is a god with great powers, but lives like a sage at Mount Kailash.

According to the Shaiva tradition of Hinduism, he is considered as a supreme God and has five important aspect; creator, preserver, destroyer, concealer and revealer. In Smarta tradition of Hinduism, Shiva is considered as one of the five primary forms of God and his followers are called as Shaivas or Shaivites.

Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Shiva Linga. He is often portrayed as a handsome young man who is in his deep meditation or dancing the Tandava upon Apasmara.

Lord Shiva has the authority over death, rebirth and immortality due to which he has eternal youth. He is the husband of Goddess Parvati and is the father of Ganesha, Ayyappan and Murugan.

Forms of Lord Shiva –

Lord Shiva has several forms such as:

  • Panchavakta form- It is a form of Lord Shiva with five heads which represents Shiva energies; Aghora, Ishana, Tat Purusha, Varna Deva and Saddyojat or Braddha Rudra.
  • Nataraj form- In this form Lord Shiva id portrayed in dancing position
  • Hanuman- It is another manifestation of Lord Shiva, who is a karma yogi
  • Mahamrityunyaya Form- This form of Lord Shiva depicts him as the great conqueror of death
  • Ardhnarishwara form- This form of Lord Shiva depicts him as half Shiva and half Shakti

Characteristics of Lord Shiva :

  • He is often seen with a trident, which stands for three gunas.
  • He has a snake around his neck, which shows that he is beyond the power of poison and death.
  • He hold a damru, which creates the sound of AUM.
  • He has a vahana called Nandi, which is a white bull. (more…)

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Dhruva : The Legend Child in Indian Mythology :

According to the Hindu mythology, Dhruva was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was blessed by Lord Vishnu to take the position of the polar star known as Dhruva in Sanskrit. Dhruva was the son of King Uttanapada and Suniti.

The Story of Dhruva is as follows:

Story of Dhruva is mentioned in Bhagawat Purana. According to Bhagawat Purana, King Uttanapad had two wives, Suniti and Suruchi.

Dhruv Tara

Dhruv Tara

He had two sons, Dhruva was born to Suniti and Uttama was born to Suruchi. In one of the incidents Dhruva was scolded by Suruchi for trying to sit on his father’s lap along with his stepbrother. He was told by her that he does not deserve his father’s attention because he was not born to her. Suruchi mocked at Dhruva by telling him to pray to Lord Vishnu to die and reborn as her son, if he really wants to sit in his father’s lap.

Dhruva at a very tender age went to the jungle to meditate for Lord Vishnu. He met Narada, the eternal sage who thought of this child to be too young to be alone in the jungle. He tried to discourage Dhruva by telling him about the dangers in jungle. But to his astonishment Dhruva was pretty determined to stay and pray to Lord Vishnu. Narada was impressed by the chils and then taught him the art of meditation.

Dhruva mediated for several months. Finally Lord Vishnu was impressed by Dhruva’s devotion and determination and appeared before him. He blessed Dhruva and told him to return back to his kingdom. King Uttanapad was very sad and realized the injustice done to Dhruva. He longed for his son to return back to him. Dhruva finally came back to home and King Uttanapad personally received him.

Suniti was filled with joy to see her son return back safely. As the time passed King Uttanapad became old and crowned Dhruva as the (more…)

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