The festival of Raakhi is celebrated on the Purnima of the Shraavan Maas of the Hindu calendar. This festival originated when goddess Lakshmi tied the holy thread (Raakhi) to the king Bali, in order to release her husband, lord Vishnu, from undertaken the task of guarding Bali’s kingdom. When goddess Lakshmi tied this holy thread to Bali, then as a gift to his newly made sister, he released lord Vishnu from the tedious task. Since this historic event, all sisters tie the holy thread or Raakhi to their brothers, offer sweets to them, and in return the brothers vow to protect and offer a gift.

Rakhi Gift To Your Sister :

Nowadays gifting on the festival of Raakhi has gained popularity and has become a ritual. Irrespective of their financial status brothers aim to please their sisters with the best gift affordable. Tying of Raakhi has spread its wings from blood relation to cousins, friends and neighbour etc. the ritual the remains unchanged is of gifting. Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious day, awaited anxiously by all brothers and sisters when they can display their love for each other.

Tying of Raakhi, sweets, gifts are all the major components that makes this festival complete. The markets become overcrowded and the shopkeepers have a gala time sending raakhis and gifts. Many new gift items are introduced specially on this festival to attract the buyers. Busy and working brothers can order the best chosen gift online. Many gifting portals have their wares on display on the internet. Online gift buying is becoming very popular now. The latest gift items are attractively packed with best known deals and delivered at the door step.

Some brothers work in a different city or some sisters are also working, married and live in another place, cannot afford to miss the rituals of this special festival. The Postal department is kept busy by sending and receiving of raakhis. A Raakhi is never received without a thanksgiving gift.

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