Agneya Purana is one of the eighteen Puranas of India. It is dedicated to Agni, the fire God. According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Agni revealed the subject matter to Rishi Vashishtha, who later passed this knowledge to Vyasadeva. This ancient holy book of Hindus is different from other Puranas and consists of science and arts such as Jyotish Shastra (Astronomy), Shilpakala (Architecture) and Kavyalankaranatakas (dramas, poems, figures of speech). It gives a valuable knowledge of ancient sciences and arts of India. The Agneya Purana consists of about 15,400 verses.

The Essence of Agni Purana :

Agneya Purana

Agneya Purana

Agneya Purana with its scientific aspects is considered to be one of the most popular and significant works in the Mahapuranas. Lord Agni himself communicated the Agneya Purana to Vasistha. Vyasa received the valuable knowledge of Agneya Purana from Vasistha. Suta (Lomaharsana) is the narrator of Agneya Purana and was the disciple of Vyasa.

The Agneya Purana contains about sixteen thousand stanzas which are distributed in three hundred and eighty three chapters. It basically defines the Saiva, Vaisnava and Sakta types of worship. It is not a mere promotion of any particular sect or religion, but is focused on learning of Sanskrit.

The beginning chapters of Agneya Purana, describe avatars of several gods in the form of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, etc. It consists of numerous rites, mantras, ceremonials and rituals which have become obsolete now, and is of no concern to a general reader.

But the chapters on pharmacy, medicines, material medica and treatment of different types of diseases of animals such as horse and elephant are pretty interesting. It also teaches several other subjects such as law, religion, cosmology, archery, rhetoric, grammar, prosody, etc.

The Agneya Purana is considered as the encyclopedia of Hinduism and can prove to be very interesting as well as quite informative for the readers. Today the Agneya Purana has been translated from Sanskrit into English and is easily available to the main stream.

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