Agrasen Jayanti is the celebration of the birth day of a great king Maharaja Agrasen of Haryana. Agrasen Jayanti is the



celebration to remember this historic person of Haryana. He is known for his non violence practices for the human beings or society. Each of the years there is a beautiful celebration organizes at Agroha, Haryana.

Maharaja Agrasen had born as the son of King Ballabh at Pratapnagar. He was the eldest son of this royal family. He got married with princes Madhavi. King Agrasen was the very kindness in behavior or nature. He was so soft and had the good sight for the poor people and the needy people of his kingdom. He established the place of Agroha as the capital of his Emperor. Agroha got a well height on the ruling time of Maharaja Agrasen.

Agrasen Jayanti celebrates each of the years in the county but mainly it is celebrated by the Agrawal community of India. Agrasen Jayanti falls during the time of fourth day of Ashwin month of Hindu calendar. Agrawal community distributes fruits and foods to people. They also perform various types of culture programs.

Date of Agrasen Jayanti In Year 2013: 5 October

Agrasen Jayanti is celebrated each of the years in India. it will be also celebrate as the joyful and very pleasant day of celebration.

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