Alwar festival is most popular festival in Rajasthan. Alwar is a very colorful and big city. alwar festival held in the month of february each year. Alwar is surrounded by aravalli hills. forign visitors also come there to see its famous lake & city palace.

Alwar city is well known for its arts and culture, Because there are aravalli hills and many major places as like bala Quila, City Palace, Lake and Vinay Vilas Mahal etc. alwar always attract brand cialis for sale tourist to come here.

During this alwar festival huge decoration arranged for the Bala Quila and the City Palace Complex or Vinay Vilas Mahal with lighting. there are the many tourist attractions of Alwar. Alwar is known for its pottery and jewelry, so during this alwar festival tourist and visitors specially purchase of pottery and jewelry in the market. Market is full of lighting and decoration.

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