Anang Trayodashi is the festival of Hindu religion which is dedicated to lord Shiva. This day of Anang Trayodashi or Anang

Hindu God Shiva

Hindu God Shiva

Vrat observed each of the year on 13th day of Shukla Paksh of the month of Chaitra according to Gujarat and Maharashtra Calendar. Whereas the festival of Anang Trayodashi is observes as on 13th day of Shukla Paksh of the month of Margashirsh in Northern sides of India.

The importance of Anang Trayodashi is mentioned in a great epic of Garuda Puran. Anang Vrat observed by the people during all of 13 days of shukla paksh of chaitra or Margashirsh months. This is the festival during which all of the ritual activities done by people for prosperity, good health, and good wealth and for good fortune.

People offered fruits and flowers to Lord Shiva. During this festival people also worship Kamdev and Rati for attainment of religious concepts of this festival. People engage with ritual acts like they fed meals to Brahmins and gave donations to needy people.

  • Anang Trayodashi Celebration : 

Anang Trayodashi is a very important festival of Hinduism. People who belong to this religion made this festival as a celebration of a part of their life. It has not only an importance of ritual acts but also an importance of good things of human beings.

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