In ancient Hindu epic Ramayana, Angada is defined as a vanara who helped Lord Rama in a battle against Ravana, the king of Lanka. Angada was the son of Bali and Tara. Sugriva was the uncle of Angada. Before dying Bali requested Sugriva to take care of Angada as his own son and protect him like a father. Sugriva kept the wish of his dying brother and took good care of Angada. He groomed him as a great warrior with leadership qualities. Although Angada was quite young but managed to handle big responsibilities that were assigned to him.

Story of Angada in Ramayana :

In one of the incidents, Angada was sent by Lord Rama as a messenger to Ravana. Angada explained to Ravana that if he released Sita then war could be averted. Angada tried to explain the divinity of Lord Rama to Ravana, but Ravana did not listen to him. So he placed his foot firmly on the ground and challenged that if anybody is able to lift his foot, Lord Rama would accept his defeat and return back without Sita.

To this every commander in the Ravana’s courtroom tried to lift his foot but failed. Even Indrajit tried to lift Angada’s foot but failed in doing so. Ravana was humiliated by this and decided to lift Angada’s foot on his own. When he was just about to hold Angada’s foot, Angada moved away and Ravana the king of Lanka fell down in front of everybody. Angada told Ravana that he should fall on the feet of Lord Rama instead of his feet. Angada picked up the crown of Ravana and threw it out.

Ravana felt humiliated and became extremely angry. He immediately ordered his soldiers to kill Angada, but Angada jumped and managed to return back safely. The crown which Angada had thrown frightened the vanaras who saw it coming towards them. Hanuman caught this crown and then placed it on Lord Rama’s feet.

Famous Angada Ravaan Samvaad In Ramayana :

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