Angarakan Mangal Temple At Vaitheeswarn Kovil:

Mangal Bhagwan is one of the forms of nine lords in our universe. it is mars one of the nine planate of universe. Mangal Bhagwan is also known as the name of Angarakan bhagwan in Tamil Nadu. This deity of lord Mars is worship in through out India as spiritual power. In Tamil Nadu it is worshiped as one of from of Navgraha. There is a very good looking temple of lord Angarakan at Vaitheeswarn Koil. This is located 50 km far from Kumbakonam. This temple is one of the most beautiful temples among all nine temples.

Lord Mangala controlled one’s children aspects of life. In Hindu religion Mangal graha is a controller of marriage life. If a person is suffering from mangala dosh or suffering from various diseases than worship of lord Angarakan help him to overcome from those sufferings. People who facing other critical horoscope difficulties than lord Mangal is also helpful to worship.

During various festive occasions at Vaitheeswarn Kovil it looks so beautiful and charming. People lighted there houses and decorated with flowers on festivals. People from various places toured this temple on festival time. There is a nice and magical video of Vaitheeswarn Kovil Temple of Mangal Bhagwan as following.

Video of Vaitheeswarn Kovil Temple :

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