Annakoot or Govardhan Puja is a major celebration after a main day of Deepawali festival. This day observe on fourth day of five day celebration of Diwali. Govardhan Puja is dedicated to worship lord Krishna. On this day people worship lord Krishna and cows for performing ritual acts of the day. Women prepare delicious foods and sweets on this day and offer to deity of lord Krishna.

Legend Behind Govardhan Puja :

There is a beautiful legend behind the celebration of Govardhan Puja. After a long seven days period of lifting of Govardhan Mountain On a little finger lord Krishna put it down on this day of Govardhan Puja. Lord Krishna lifted this Govardhan Pravat to survived people of Vrindavan from huge rains by lord Indra.

Govardhan Puja or Annakoot In Lord Krishna’s Temples :

Nathdwara and Kankroli are the major places for the big and luxurious celebration of Govardhan Puja on the time of Diwali festival. There is a deity of Shrinathji in Nathdwara and from it approximately 17 km. far is another temple of Shridwarkadhishji in Kankroli. Dwarkadhish is elder brother of Shrinathji.

Nathdwara and Kankroli are the famous places for this celebration of Govardhan Puja. On this time both of the temples of Shrinathji and Dwarkadhishji are well adorned and various type of ritual and religious acts performed. In mid night of this day there is another auspicious acts of Annakoot performed.

Govardhan Puja In Year 2012: 14 November 

Govardhan Puja will be observing on the fourth day of Diwali festival. This festival is a moment of full of joy and happiness especially in Nathdwara and Kankroli.

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