Annakut stands for Anna as Food and Kut as mountain. Means on this day a huge food distribution is arranges at Shri Krishna Temple. People Come to See the food including all things through the day. Food is arranged in A mountain like place. At night after pooja people take away this food.

This is assumed that one who take away more food get more prosperity throughout the year. On this day Goverdhan pooja is also performed. Legend behind this festival is that once a time Vishnu plan to test king Bali. He take Vamana Incarnation beg three step land from king Bali. Bali allow him to take land from anywhere of his kingdom.

After listening these word Vamana increase his size and measure Whole Earth and Haven in Two step. he asked king that where third step should be put. King Bali then give his Whole kingdom to Vamana and tell him to put his third step over his head. Vishnu ampere in his original form and gave bless to Bali that he will worshipped once in a year on this day.

This day is new year day of Vikram Era. It is said that Once Maharshi Ved Vyas told Yudhistir (Eldest brother of Pandava’s) that

one who be Peaceful and happy on this day will be same throughout year.

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