International Energy Day is dedicated to improve the saving of energy resources in all over the world. International Energy Day celebrated as on the date of 5th of May in each year. Energy is a key element of developed and developing countries for a growth. Current era is on basis of the power of energy to do something fro growth. Energy resources are main center point to provide the all major facilities for human life like electricity, fuels, gas and many more the parts of modern life style of human beings in all over the world.

The entire world is looking to achieve the major facilities for their people of country to achieve this target they are spending in a large scale of energy resources. There are most of the natural resources limited in quantity like earthen oil and fuels and we using them on a high level.

There will be a peak time of production of such energy resources than there will be decrease of those productions of energy resources. To avoid such type of futuristic problems we have to save the uses of current energy resources. We have to awareness about the savings of those energy resources and have to inspire the people to reduce the unnecessary uses of those energies.

The entire world also has to work on searching of alternative natural energy resource to maintain the life styles of the people. Now day’s Solar energy is a good alternative of those energy resources of the world. But there is a need of powerful exploration techniques to utilize the energy of the Sun.

In India this problem also can create such type of above problems. Antarrashtriya Urja Diwas is the day when all over the world tried to traced out the attraction of all major developed and developing countries on this problem and that is also a way to find the solutions of such problems.

Antarrashtriya Urja Diwas in 2012 : 5th May

Antarrashtriya Urja Diwas in year of 2012 will be celebrate as on 5th of May to find the great alternatives of energies and to find the problems facing by countries to fulfill this international aim of the world.

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