Anti Terrorism Day, The Sacrifice Day of Shri Rajiv Gandhi



The death anniversary of Shri Rajiv Gandhi minister of India is observed as Anti Terrorism Day all over the country on 21 May. Terrorism is the most terrible crime by the mankind against the mankind has become the biggest fear for Indians today.  Every citizen of the country is responsible for driving out this spirit of fear.

Fighting against this crime has become the right duty of every Indian. At the same time whole nation mourns two minutes of silence to mark unity in the world and fight against terrorism and to remember Rajiv Gandhi.

Anti Terrorism Day:

Anti Terrorism Day is to promote peace and concord in the nation. Different committees across the country arrange

Rajiv Gandhi

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various seminars on force to create awareness about the danger caused by this unmerciful act of terrorism. The main aim of observing Anti Terrorism Day is to wean away the Indian youth from such terrible forces cruel human lives.

Even anti-terrorism or anti-violence pledge is also taken in all the government offices, public sector events and other public institutions. There is also need of more serious thoughts on the performance of Anti Terrorism Day and in order to successfully accomplish the aim of Anti Terrorism Day.

Several other activities take place on the Anti-Terrorism Day, including seminars promoting anti- terrorism, flower garland is laid on the Rajiv Gandhi statue, anti truth oath is taken and marches carried out by the Congressmen all across the nation.

The main aim of the Day is to reduce the terrorism to the highest possible extent. Anti Terrorism Day is the day remembering the sacrifice of Shri Rajiv Gandhi. Shri Rajiv Gandhi had been victimized of this threat and to honor and respect his contributions, the day is celebrated on yearly basis. This day is observed to make people aware of the incomplete terrorist activities

and the safety measures to be taken by the masses to prevent the acts of terrorism. Promoting accord, peace and harmony across the nation has been one of the major motives behind celebrating this day.

Anti-Terrorism Day : 21st May.

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