April Fools Day is a day which is celebrated in the western parts of the world. It is not a legal day or official day. It celebrated each of the years on 1st April. April Fools Day is a celebration of tolerate the foolishness and practical jokes with individuals. There is no legal document about that when this celebration started but there is a saying that it is started from 1582 in France as first time by making people fool.

This is the day when some intelligent wants to show their intelligences in front of some cool and good guys. They use this day as their brilliancy day. They tries to show that they are much intelligent than others. But now, it is spread out in all over the world. People uses this day not only show to their brilliance but also they want to criticize the ordinary people.

April Fools Day is also called as a Day of fools. Some of the people celebrated this day in whole month of April. They uses for entertainment by making practical jokes about others but this are not fare. In India now the new generation is also using this day as their entertainment by making some fools.

  • April Fools Day in 2014 India : 1st April

Commonly there is no tradition of April Fools Day as a day of festival in India but some of the unsatisfied people uses this day as a weapon for their entertainment.

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