Ayyam I Ha program, Party and Games –

Ayyam i ha festival program is a very important program according to the Baha’i followers. In this festival many program and parties are also included by the people of Baha’i community. Many people organise different types of parties and other program’s. Bahai person is also prepare differentes types of games. They are avoiding competitive games and cooperative games are including in their program and parties.

Some people are decorated their house and create the atmosphere as like a party. Children dances, music and much more enjoyment in the parties. In the party includes a potluck dinner and many different types of gift are exchange to each other. Games are also included in their program and parties.

Many people are creating different types of party, games and gifts, activities etc in there home. Young and children helps to the others in many works like as decorating, clean up, rehearsals, guests counting, running the sound system, video shooting, transportation and some other works. In the day of ayyam i ha people wants to the best party in the world of this day. Many Young and old turned out to enjoy the festival. Most of people are going to the nearby towns and other function. In this day people celebrated this festival together and play different types of games.

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