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The fasting period is always fixed in the Bahai community and it starts from 2nd march to 2oth of march every year and it is popularly known as bahai fast calendar. In this period of nineteen days from bahai fasting sunrise to sunset and completely abstain from food during this time. bahai fast time are also set for meditation and prayers. bahai person are expected to devote their time in spiritual activities.

bahai fast is very important according to the bahai person because in the fasting time involves complete abstention from food and drink from sunrise till sunset. This time is especially a period of meditation, prayer and spiritual recuperation.

In this time follower must try to invigorate the spiritual forces latent in the soul.

The mean of fasting is of spiritual purification. Each year, for example, Muslims abstain from food and drink between sunrise and sunset for 28 days in a row. Christs reference to the importance of fasting is recorded in Chapters six and nine of the gospel of Matthew.

This period is simply known as “the Fast” . Some small children under the age of fifteen, individuals who are ill, travelers, the elderly, pregnant women and nursing mothers are exempt from the fast. bahai people observes fast for 19 days from sunrise to sunset. The end of all fast naw ruz (new year) is start. Naw-Ruz is also indicates the end of fasting.

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  1. Aura Mu Abdul ILahi
    March 1st, 2013 | 1:45 pm

    I have observed the fasting practice of His Majesty Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Prophet Muhammad, Prophet Baha’u’lah and the Great Sage Gatama Buddha and meditations for over 44 years. The greatest and the most spiritually beneficial has been the Fast of 40 Days and Night existing on nothing but H20 and a handful of raisins and a date. This site is good and informative, much success.

  2. z.muniandy
    March 6th, 2013 | 5:23 am

    Thanks for information in this site, but I have noticed that
    you mentioned baha’is are not allowed to use music and luxury items during fasting period. which is not correct.Please give your statements with writings of Baha’u’llah. Thanks.

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