Bahai Festivals, Bahai People Holidays –

The Bahai religion is the newest of the worlds independent religions. The main theme of Bahai people is that humanity and kindness. In the world wide community of about five million Bahai peoples represent a large number of nations, races and culture. The Bahai people believes in the fact and reality. there are a number of Bahai Festivals also which they celebrates with joy every year. Bahai people avoid the use of alcohol, lays and drugs. Bahai people believes in the importance of all the family members.

Bahai people’s festival belongs to the Islamic religion. Bahai religion was first appeared in Persia and then spread to neighboring Muslim countries like Ottoman, Russian Empires and northern India. so most of its followers are from Islam, a lot of its religious ideas are made from Quran.

Bahai Festivals have many holy days. Naw Ruz (which is known as new year) is celebrated on the 21th of March, the first day of spring equinox. this day have created a new calendar.

Other fixed important holy days and festivals of celebration are listed below :-

April 21, April 29 and May 2 – Bahaullah’s public declaration
May 23 – Bab’s declaration
May 29 – Ascension of Baha‘u‘llah
July 9 – Martyrdom of the Bab
October 20 – Birth of the Bab
November 12 – Birth of Bahaullah
November 26 – The Covenant day
November 28 – The passing of Abdul Baha

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