Baisakhi festival is celebrate at Punjab and Haryana in India. baisakhi festival people also known as vaisakhi. This festival come in the month of thirteenth April in every year. It is one of the biggest festival of the Sikh community.

People goes to the temple of their Sikh guru gobind Singh and pray for prosperity. This festival revealed brotherhood between their Sikh community. On this festival people clean their house and decorate with flower, rangoli and lights. On this day heavy rush in the market.

People organize fair of baisakhi festival and people dance (Bhangra) Baisakhi is festival of excitement and joy. Man, women and children all put on fine dresses on this festival of baisakhi. Loving mothers affectionate brothers and sisters and beloved wives all look very happy. The young, the old and the children every one is very happy. It is a festival of joy and happiness.

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