There are four type of religious mainly in India and they are HINDU, MUSLIM, SIKH and CHRISTIANS. All have such different festivals and celebrations. Like all festival Baisakhi is the most famous festival in SIKH religion. Baisakhi Sikh Festival is a very famous festival in India. It is celebrated as a Birthday of GURU GOBIND SINGH SAHIB. on this day many of the Sikhs meets at one place and pray for their guru.

In this day many of Sikh peoples gathered from all places of India and celebrates new year and founding of the Sikh community, known as the Khalsa. On this day Akhand path is held on guru dwaras. Nagar kirtan is also organised one day before of the birthday. On this day of baisakhi all Devan’s wake up early in the morning and singing a songs called Asa di var and hymns of guru granth.

After Kirtan Darbars and Amrit Sanchar ceremonies are also celebrated in the Gurdwara hall. After that the Karah Parshad (sweet pudding) the Langar (food) is served to one and all. there people also start kirtan till late night, the distribution of langar continues to the end of the programme. The birthday of Guru Gobind singh falls only in a year on five January.

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