CLICS is an organization of India which is organizing various programs in rural parts of India to the health and safety of children of the country. Bal Suraksha Diwas in India is the day which is a sign to celebrate the day as a Children Survival day.

CLICS is the national organization which is activates various health and safety programs in villages during the time of Children Survival Days. Government health workers during those days deliver the MCH services.

Those programs organize by the responsibility of Villages Coordination Committee. VCC has a responsibility to perform those health and safety programs in rural parts of India. Children are the manufacturer of futuristic new India. if we have to grow than we have to concentrate on the making of idol life of children of the country.

Bal Suraksha Diwas is the celebration of the day which is dedicated to the awareness of society in the matter of children. India is a country which is facing a problem of lack of minimum money to fullfill essential requirement of life of people. Due to the economic condition people can not provide the health services and good schooling to their children. But now days some of the organization is working to solve this problem of India. This day is one of the parts of solution of this problem.

Bal Suraksha Diwas In Year 2012: 1 June 2012

Bal Suraksha Diwas is the day to know about the actual condition of children of poor people of India. Bal Suraksha Diwas celebrated each of the years in India and it will be celebrate as on 1st of June in the year of 2012.

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