“Shubho Nabo Barsho” is the words that can be listen on 15 April from every Bengali person’s mouth. It’s the warm greeting of New Year to some one in Bengali. Bengali New Year is also famous and known as “Nabo Barsha”. It comes in the start of Baisakh month – first month of Bengali calendar.

Bengali New Year Celebration India:

Energy and full of joy could be seen in the people not only in standards socity of Bengal but also people lives on hilly areas with same level for saying good bye to the past and welcome to the coming new year. Sweets like rasgullas and cham-cham are prepared by women at homes and then delivered to children after pooja.

All people from family wears new clothes and celebrate this day as a big celebration. Elder members of family give gifts and money to younger ones with good blessings and wishes.

That’s why this Bengali New Year is a very special festival of Bengal, it is not only celebrated with joy at Bengal State but also in any part of World where Bengali people lives because where people goes, there rituals, festivals and social life style goes with them.

This year Bengali New Year Celebration is coming on: 12 Apr 2012

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