Bhagat Singh Jayanti is the day of birth of this freedom fighter of India. Bhagat Singh was a freedom fighter of India against the British Rule. He spent his whole life in service of the country and work for the people of the country.

Bhagat Singh had born as on 28 September 1907. Bhagat Singh is famous as the name of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Bhagat Singh had born in a Sandhu Jat family. His parents name was Sardar Kishan Singh Sandhu & Vidyavati. He had born at the place of Khatkar Kalan village in the Lyallpur district of Punjab. Bhagat Singh was the sign of a star for the youth of the country of India. He was one of the great personalities of the country.

Bhagat Singh Jayanti is the day to give a salute to this great personality of the country of India. He is an idol for the youth of the country. He has the power to charm or inspired a youth to work for the country. Bhagat Singh Jayanti is a birth day celebration in the country. That time government of India organizes an especial program in the capital of India that is New Delhi. Various states governments also organize various programs on that time of Bhagat Singh Jayanti. Schools and collages celebrate this day as the day of a Hero of India.

Bhagat Singh Jayanti In Year 2013 : 28th September

Bhagat Singh Jayanti celebrated each of the years in India with great pleasure and moments of joy. As like that this year Bhagat Singh Jayanti will be celebrated on his birth day.

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