Bhagwat Ji ki Aarti:

Bhagwat Geeta is on of the holy book of Hindus, which give holy sight of human life to its reader. Bhagwat Geeta are the words of lord Krishna told to Worrier Arjun at the time of biggest battle in Hindus History further composed into a book by Maharshi Vedvyas.

This holy book is very popular and worshiped like a god buy Hindus. We can find this book about every house of Hindus. Mean of life of human being is in this book. So any person who wants to know do and get or innovation and end, should read this book one time at least.


As we discus this holy book is worshiped like a god, so aarti for this book is sing by people at place of pooja at their home and temple of Lord Vishnu or Krishna.

bhagwat aarti

bhagwat aarti

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